Sheep Calculator

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Sheep as currency?

In many regions of the world, sheep were also an important currency and were used as a medium of exchange for other goods and services. That is, sheep were often used as payment for land, as dowries for marriage, and as tribute to rulers. They were therefore an important part of the economic system and societies in the past.

Fun Facts about sheep

Sheep can remember specific people and places for several years and can even distinguish their shepherd's voice from other voices.
Sheep have a special eye for faces. They can recognize faces of other sheep and people and also read their moods from facial expressions.
Sheep can make friends, comfort each other and have their own personalities

How does the sheep calculator work?

The sheep calculator is structured like a quiz and calculates at the end how many sheep you, your partner or your friends are worth. The number of sheep is calculated based on your information about various characteristics such as age, size and hair color. The results are not serious and are for entertainment purposes only.